Who We Are

Everyone is welcome here!

With energy and wisdom supplies by God's Holy Spirit, we will live as a community of believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, offering love and hope in a world of hate and despair.  We will challenge people to find a personal relationship with God, and we will challenge people to achieve their full Christian potential as they participate in the life of the church.

As a church, our strategy for serving others is focused around a foundation of prayer and four basic pillars of faith.

Prayer – We believe that prayer is the foundation which supports our relationship with God and each other.  We believe that pray centers our life and prepares us to greet the world.

Evangelism – We believe in the need to reach others with the Good News of the Risen Savior.  

Discipleship – We believe that all Christians are on a life-long journey, and commit to further our knowledge of Christ, the Bible, and our place in the world.

Nurture – We believe in nurturing both the
physical and spiritual needs of our congregation and in being prepared to open
ourselves to the wider circle. 

Obedience – We believe that Jesus’ restating of the Ten Commandment’s found in the gospels provide direction for living our life: to love God and to love others as ourselves.

congregation of faith

Our Staff

Pastor  Shane A. Creech

Support Staff

Betty Allan: Librarian/ Christian Education 

Tamara Creech: Children's Sunday School

Norma Frye: Church Clerk

Brian Goodwin: Property

Lewis Hernandez: Moderator

Dee Hudson: Teen Sunday School, Youth Group

Hannah Holler & Sonia Kelly: Worship 

Gloria Nix: Adult Sunday School, Outreach

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